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Roman Fedortsov’s shares his collection of Crazy-looking fish from the deep sea

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Roman Fedortsov, a 40-year-old fisherman working on a trawler, has gained attention on Instagram for sharing captivating images of peculiar deep-sea creatures. Using his phone, he documents the bizarre beings that are hauled in the fishing nets during his commercial fishing expeditions in the Norwegian and Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and Greenland Sea.

The photos showcase monstrous fish species adapted to the dark depths of the ocean, resembling creatures from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. The unsettling appearance of these fish is accentuated when brought to the surface, causing their swim bladders to inflate, resulting in eye-bulging and contorted features.

Fedortsov’s finds include not only the alien-like fish but also delicate brittle stars, akin to starfish, and a variety of other deep-sea inhabitants. Among the recent discoveries are a sinister-looking jet black-finned fish and a shark baring its fearsome teeth. Despite the rarity of encountering these deep-sea creatures, Fedortsov appreciates the beauty and uniqueness even in the more common fish that cross his path

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