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Researchers found that guys with dogs are more attractive to women

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According to an amazing new survey, it was discovered that men who have dogs are seen as much, much hotter than men who don’t have dogs. So yeah, if you currently don’t have a dog, you should probably get one.

A survey of 2,000 British participants found one in five women instantly think a man with a dog is far more attractive than guys who don’t have a canine companion.

Those surveyed also felt owning a dog is twice as hot as having a big income, and only one in 20 women found men in designer clothes immediately attractive the way they did when they saw dudes with dogs, the Daily Mail reports.  I think this strongly suggests that dogs might be the secret to success in the dating world.

Guys with dogs are usually healthier and more fit and linked to a longer life.

The fact that women are all more attracted to guys who have a dog may not even be that we’re looking for someone to care for our offspring.

It could just be that they’re turned on by hot bodies and healthy dudes.

There are tons of studies that show the positive health effects of owning a pet.

Not only are puppies date magnets, but WebMD reports they’re good for your heart, mind, and soul. Having a dog has proven to reduce cardiac stress, and owning a dog is a lifestyle that promotes regular exercise and daily high-energy activities.

Finally, cuddling with a canine produces the same endorphins women feel when beginning the relationship with their babies.

So, if you own a dog, turn off your computer and go for a walk with your little friend. They’ll thank you, and women may give you a shot.

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